Michigan’s harsh winters and temperatures can definitely take a toll on your home. Large amounts of snow fall can create ice dams in your gutters. Frigid temperatures attack exposed piping causing them to freeze and increase the risk of them bursting. Not that ice dams aren’t formed from having clogged gutters. Having poor design and ventilation of the roof can result to snow stacking up and freezing. When these ice dams decide to melt the runoff water can seep through your roof causing water damage to your attic and go down your walls. Gutter can fill with snow and ice preventing them from draining properly. The escaping water runs right off the gutters and puddles around your home leading to flooding in your basement. There are some things you can do to help prevent these situations to happen. When going into the attic remember to wear protective clothing a breathing mask. First, make sure that your attic is properly insulated. Make sure there is enough insulation, but not too much to where its covering the soffit vents insides. Increase the number of soffit vents under the eve can help. Having a contractor do this may be easier and in the long run save you in repair costs. When getting the snow off your roof never go on to the roof as this is very dangerous. Also, never throw salt on your as this can cause damage to your shingles.  Purchasing a snow rake is a safe efficient way of removing snow off your roof. You can usually purchase a snow rake at a local hardware store.

Summer and spring pay their contribution to home flooding as well as winter. With Michigan average thirty-two inches of rainfall more then what is expected can lead to some home water damage. Excessive amounts of rain can lead to water damage to your roof and basement. Heavy rains can lead to an overflow of water in Lake St. Clair, Clinton River and other bodies of water around the state causing homes to flood. From these rains clogged gutter systems can create puddles of water around home. The water can makes its way to your basement through cracks and joints in the foundation. Damaged roofs could be linked to home water damage too.  Water is able to seep through your attic and down walls. This can result in some serious molding and interior damage. Flooded sewage systems can result in that nasty water flooding out your basement. If you live around a body of water and are worried about the chance of flooding in your home look into purchasing flood insurance. Homeowners insurance and flood insurance are two different things. Contact an insurance agent to see if your community participates in The National Flood Insurance Program if you are considering purchasing flood insurance.

Updated: January 13, 2010 — 7:46 pm
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