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Emergency Water Damage Restoration – Grosse Pointe, MI

water extraction grosse pointe miGrosse Pointe homeowners and businesses suffer unexpected water related disasters in their properties every year. The areas unique climate and housing style make basement floods very common in the area. Working with a professional company to clean up your property is a great way to minimize residual property damage and ensure that your home is thoroughly dried out.

Damage from flooding can quickly create a number of other health and safety issues for your family. The most important factor you should focus on is the personal safety during any type of disaster situation. Stay clear of electrical outlets and lines, and never assume that your electricity is off or not impacted by the water emergency. When in doubt, start by contacting a professional restoration firm to inspect your property.

Water damage can create a number of residual problems for your home. The potential for bacteria and other micro hazards to materialize from the water damage is possible. If you have suffered from a sewage back up or breakdown, this should be treated immediately and with the utmost priority, be certain to keep children and pets at a safe distance.

Mold can form within forty eight hours if water is left standing and without proper cleanup. The speed at which mold can grow, is one of the main reasons property owners should react with urgency if they have a water damage emergency. The naked eye can not always detect the source or full extent of water damage. Professional restoration companies can utilize moisture meters and thermal imaging devices to pinpoint the origination of the water leak as well as extent of water damage in a property.

grosse pointe mi water damage restorationLarge storms that bring on significant flooding or large scale water damage emergencies will require the use of specialized equipment to extract the excess water from the property. Grosse Pointe area restoration companies can utilize powered pumps to remove excess flooding water quickly and effectively. Once the excess water has been removed, a professional restoration firm will use fans, special heaters or dehumidifiers to dry out your property. Depending on the extent of the water damage this process can take between twenty four to seventy two hours to thoroughly dry your home.

The multiple weather and season changes in and around Grosse Pointe Farms, Village, Shores and Park will bring on unexpected conditions that could lead to a water or flooding emergency. The five cities close proximity to Lake St. Clair and the general weather patterns that affect the Great Lakes region can be especially challenging for property owners. Local home owners and business property managers should treat water damage cleanup with a high priority. You should contact a professional cleaning restoration firm immediately to begin reducing the long term dangers that water damage can create.

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